We’re so excited to share that Gain now supports Facebook Stories! You can create your Facebook stories in Gain just like any other social post and your clients or approvers can give you their feedback in Gain, right along with their other content – win-win! 

Now, you may ask yourself, “Why use Facebook Stories for my brand? I already publish photo and video posts with all the information I want my audience to know.” Well, as post formats and the famed Facebook algorithm continues to evolve, you’ll need to try out new ways to keep your audience engaged. And there must be a good reason why 4 million advertisers are using Stories ads every month.

Facebook Stories are short videos that are viewed once and disappear after 24 hours. While it may sound like a waste of time to prepare a bit of content that will disappear so soon, this is actually more of an advantage than a disadvantage for brands. Precisely because they’re short-lived, stories create a sense of urgency for your audience to view and engage with your content before it disappears. Facebook research shows that after seeing a product or service in a story, 58% of people said they browsed the brand’s website to get more information, one in two visited websites where they could buy it, and 31% went to a store to check it out.

Plus, Facebook stories appear on top of the News Feed on both the app and desktop. This gives stories prime real estate – it’s the first thing your audience sees. You can’t beat the exposure!

Finally, Facebook Stories have a more authentic feel, giving your brand an opportunity to connect with your audience at a more personal level. That’s especially true if you use them to share tips, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes footage on your brand and the people behind it. That’s because people use stories to share more of life’s moments as they happen, instead of the more momentous highlights they post on News Feed. Also, it’s an opportunity to have more fun with your audience, using emojis, GIFs, and filters you don’t see in regular posts.

To learn how to create, send to approval, schedule, and publish Facebook Stories in Gain, check out this help article.

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